Natural Henna Hair Coloring Powder (Ash Brown Powder)

Natural Henna Hair Coloring Powder (Ash Brown Powder)

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Safe Chemical Free Hair Dye

Change your look safely and naturally with this chemical-free hair dye made from all-natural henna. A favorite here at Nature’s Brands, it uses plant extracts such as indigo, rhubarb and lichen for a safe and effective home coloring experience. What’s more, the colour you’ll create will be as unique as you, giving your hair a glossy sheen as well as a new shade to enjoy.

Although 100% natural henna hair dyes are semi-permanent, the way the hair follicle absorbs the plant extracts can give the colour a long life, with initial fading taking place after around two weeks.

Repeated applications can be carried out to create new colours as desired. And here’s a top, all-natural tip: Apple Cider Vinegar Conditioner helps hold and set the color.

Also available in cream.